Bible Verse Themes

Welcome to the Home of Bible Verse Themes! Be encouraged that God speaks to you through His Word, the Holy Bible!

God's Word is for ALL times; from the beginning of time to today, till the time Jesus returns for His Chosen Ones, and on through eternity. God's Word is for ALL times; whether you are sad or happy, saved or not saved, fearful or at peace, mother or father, son or daughter, employee or employer, teacher or student, tired or rested, needing love or feeling loved, needing healing or healed, loving God or wanting to love God, looking for a promise for yourself or for someone else. The list goes on.

Come here to find God speaking to you through many Bible Verse Themes. The opening website theme is "My Birthday Verse."

Find out What Is "My Birthday Verse."

Learn about The True Story Behind "My Birthday Verse."

Choose your own Birthday Scripture Verse.

Keep coming back. We will keep adding more themes.

God's Word is for YOU. God's Word is His love letter to YOU, FULL of blessing, instruction and love. God's Word, the Holy Bible, is FULL of Bible Verse Themes to bless YOU!

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